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A quick glance at a few things in my gallery. It's not the greatest, but take a look if you'd like.

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Louise by Hauntzor

Louise being indignant.

How come whenever I draw characters I can literally NEVER decide what any of their limbs are doing before I draw them

like I don’t even know what her right arm is doing

Patient -1 by Hauntzor
Patient -1
Awful Hospital OC

He’s been a patron at the hospital for so long, none of the staff recalls ever checking him in, why he’s there, or what his affliction is.  In fact, no records of him even exist in the facility’s records.  

Patient -1 permanently occupies one of the rooms, receiving no attention or care from anyone.  Despite this, he continues to go on living in this place.  His vitals never show signs of waning or fluctuating, even with no sustenance or nourishment, year after year after decade.  He lays in his bed all day, completely motionless and expressionless aside from the steady, methodical rise and fall of his abdomen beneath his curiously bloodstained bedsheets as he breathes, seemingly stoic and content in his silent, yet foreboding existence.

Perhaps the most unsettling aspect about Patient -1 is his face, or lack thereof.  In place of any normal features is a hole, filled with nothing but infinite blackness, almost seeming to expand and lengthen beyond the expanse of his skull, creating the illusion (or is it really an illusion?) of an endless abyss.  A weak, yellow light shines in the back, like the beacon of an oncoming train in the twilight.

Few have dared to investigate the physical or scientific properties of this gaping hole on Patient -1’s person, but the few who have been brave enough to take a closer look have reported sounds of howling winds, intermittently harmonized with what appears to be the vague and ghostly humming of some unrecognizable, indistinguishable tune. 

Pancreas by Hauntzor
An OC for the Awful Hospital fandom.

A diabetic pancreas with an ironic affinity for sweets, he's a regular patient at the hospital due to his poor willpower.


Hauntzor's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist (as some people call me, I guess) who draws whatever the fuck she wants when she feels like it and doesn't afraid of anything.

Basically, if you're friends with me, your life is pretty interesting.

If you want to keep up with everything that I'm doing, follow me on Tumblr; I'm not here much anymore.
Hey dudes, it's been awhile.

I've been pondering on and off as to whether or not I even wanna be here anymore.  

Sure, I had a nice heyday in the late 2000's on here, but that was back when I had actual friends on this site.  Since then, they've all moved on to other places, gotten pissed off at me or both.  It's no healthy place for constructive feedback either.  The only people that get any real attention are the shitheads who throw together a half-assed sparklepony.  They may not get the best praise, mind you, but it's sure better than what I have right now.  It may sound like I'm coming off as pretentious, and I guess I might be, but the bottom line is that I joined this site to grow artistically and to share whatever bullshit I created, fanart or original, and I'm not getting much attention to either of those anymore, it seems.

That being said, dA just doesn't feel like home anymore.  I'm debating whether or not I should just leave and vacate this account, or shut it down altogether and start anew from the fragments that I do like about my style.  

I've still been posting what few artworks I've been putting together on here, but I may stop doing that soon as well.  If you want to absolutely keep up with what I'm accomplishing, go check out my Tumblr.  You'll see a whole lot more activity from me on there anyway.

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